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Saturday, February 02, 2008

...taking the PITH

It was satsumas this time. I don't know how a grown man can be so bloody stupid at times. Where was he when common sense and logic were dealt out? Probably at the market, buying fruit.

He moans about the price of satsumas in Sainbury's. OK - but at least when you get them home they are mostly edible - and often you can get a BOGOF offer. I have to say, if I worked in Sainsbury's, I'd always be telling him to bog-off. I am, of course, referring to the husband.

He had a day off (oh lucky me). He started talking about our lack of satsumas, and how expensive they are in Sainsbury's. There is a farm shop just down the road - so two satsuma sellers within walking distance. He decided the farm shop would probably be as expensive as the supermarket. He said he should have got some from the market when he was in town. I agreed - pointing out that if you were in town already, well it made sense to get fruit from the market - however, if that was the sole reason for going - well it made it more expensive than Sainsburys.

Oh no - he argued - because they are only £1 in the market.

Ah but the bus fare (my argument).

So, he went into town to get some satsumas - to make it 'worthwhile' he bought £2's worth. The total busfare was £3. How is that 'cheaper'? Plus, the satsumas are hard as bullets, impossible to peel, the pith is welded to the fruit, they are sour and very pippy. Some are green in places - they have gone mouldy already. So we will probably end up throwing half of them away.

Surely it would have been better (and actually cheaper) to get the more expensive ones in the first place? It would also have saved time - and the fruit would have been edible.

Please, someone explain it to me, because I just don't understand!!!


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