Today I have been mostly...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

...very happy but...

...there is always someone to bring me down to earth with a crash.

And it's the ratbag husband again. I've just had an essay back. All my kids are living elsewhere. The budgie is very self-centred and doesn't care, and I could say the same for the assorted rodents. It was too late to ring my mother, so there was no one else to tell...

"I've had my essay back." I told him. Surely after 5 years of this, he should know that this means he should ask what the mark is - just in case it's fantastic.
He said nothing...
"That was really quick!" I told him. This was his second chance to ask.
He said nothing...

I suppose I could have told him at this point - but why should I? I shouldn't have to. If I tell him it doesn't mean anything. I want him to be interested. Or at least pretend to be. It's not hard, for example, I asked him how his day was and he'd been train spotting. I even looked at his photos.

"Yes..." I continued, "it was really quick - the deadline was only last Thursday."
"Well" he said, "Perhaps no one else bothered to send theirs in."
Yes - of course - that MUST be it. I mean - why would they? It was only worth 35% of this tutor marked bit of the course. I'm clearly the foolish one for actually doing it!

Anyway - he has gone to bed now, so clearly he isn't going to ask. And I refuse to tell him. I will have to find some other way. Perhaps in 6 ft high red numbers on our white garage door. 88%


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