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Friday, June 29, 2007

tearing my hair out!

OK - so here's the problem. Some bastard has buggered off with our bin. I didn't notice, but was aware of one randomly outside one of our neighbours houses. So, t'other half arrives at home last night, demanding to know what I've done with the bin! As I said, I didn't know it was missing, so he went back out to investigate, when I mentioned the one a few houses away... He arrived back - empty handed, saying that he can't see who that one belongs to because most people seem to have one.


So - I go out (if you want a job doing properly, you have to do it your self don't you?) Well, it was obvious it was NOT our bin, because ours has a bit missing where the lid is fixed to the bin - a sort of round thing that fell out (and I probably got the blame for). A quick look at who had one and who didn't revealed that it is possible this one belongs to some people who were out (unless they keep theirs in their garage) - so I took it. I then removed all the old "extra rubbish collection" labels off the lid, in case they came looking and recognised it. I went back in the house and told him what I'd done - then I thought it would probably be a good idea to put some stickers on with our house number, in case we have some sort of bin war.

As the husband is off work today, and he was going to the shop, I asked him to get some numbers. We used to have some, but he bought black ones and you couldn't see them - anyway, they fell off years ago - so I suggested white ones would be more visible (and useful).

So he came back with the numbers - he bought 2 black number 1s and 2 white number 2s - not the most useful combination for our house - number 12

What planet are they from?

Monday, June 18, 2007

having FUN FUN FUN!!!

You have to admit - this looks exciting, doesn't it?

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However, the sad reality was this...

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Not quite the 'serving wench' that Mark and Will had been expecting!
The really sad thing is, since I was handed the ad for the event, I'd been looking forward to going!
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It wasn't exactly packed!
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It was a little muddy!
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But as you can see, we made the most of it, and enjoyed a really fun and entertaining 10 minutes (and that was seriously spinning it out)

There was a stall selling those phone things you hang round your neck with the names of English football teams. There were no men in those sexy leather short things (I am not attempting to spell it - rest assured I do know what they are called) - the only good thing I can say is that the sausages were very nice. There was also a stall with nuts and olives.

Anyway - it was Fathers' Day today - and Mark drove for three and a half hours to surprise his dad and take him out for the day. He thought he might like to go to Cosford to see the Cold War exhibition. He was wrong...

Conversation went like this:
M: Would you like to go to Cosford to see the Cold War exhibition?
T: I hadn't really thought about it.

So, while he was having his breakfast I went in to see if I could encourage him to go.

W: So, now you have had time to think about it, would you like to go to the Cold War exhibition?
T: I hadn't really thought about it.
W: Well, quite. But you have thought about it now. Would you like to go?
T: I don't know.

Eventually he came up with a valid excuse - he said he couldn't go because he had to post a letter...

We didn't take him to the German festival of joy and fun - but I rather wish we had now!!

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